How automattic has labeled me

I am at the airport getting ready to board the plane. I give my ticker to the gate agent, and they see my last name. The agent asks “Oh, Christopher…Lauzon.” 

He pronounced my name correctly! Most people make my last name sound like “LOUUUZON.” 

So I said “oh, wow you pronounced my name correctly!”

“Oh great,” he said “I’m glad I did. You know , your last name sounds a little like lasagna. Did you know that?” 

I frowned and said “yes, my Co workers remind me of that every single day.” 

“Oh! You must have some very funny Co workers.” 

“Oh, they’re hilarious,” I said sarcasticly. 

Damn automatticans and their clever nature. 

I guess I am a CMS snob?

Man knocks on the door. I answer the door. I see a man smiling at me wearing a uniform with bright colors and holding a clip board. He asks “Excuse me sir, would you be interested in purchasing any of our services,” and hands me the card. I look at the card while he tells me about what products he is selling, and how he runs the business himself. He is a one man operation.

“Oh I even built my own website,” he declares.
“Oh yeah,” I said. Now I am slightly more interested.
“Sure did! I built it on this thing called Wix.”

My reaction….


Drake's Views

Listening to Drake’s new album “Views” today, and it ain’t bad! It’s like a whole album of “Hotline Blings.”


Too much fun.

I will Accelerate in Austin next week!

On Feb 18th, in Austin TX, Accelerate LGBT will be holding an event in Austin that focuses on helping Non Profit and Businesses focused on diversity. It’s an amazing event and a joint venture that Google and Automattic work on together. Pretty cool, a?

Please read about the event here.


Wow I haven't blogged in a while!

Sorry WordPress people!

Life has been really good. I recently obtained some new friends at a recent meetup. Fun times (thanks Automattic!).

I’ve been bouncing around a lot, going from region to region, constantly wondering what time zone I am in. Friends tell me “how do you do that,” but it’s become the norm for me. I am “time zone agnostic.”

Anyway, I will try to blog more. Maybe not every day, because I’m not as amazing as my boo or as awesome as most of my peers at Automattic, but I will try.

My bad!