You know that quote about Donald Trump on Republicans isn't real

Now that Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee for the Republican party, I have been seeing that meme where Donald Trump supposedly says:

If I were to run [for president], I’d run as a Republican. They’re the dumbest group of voters in the country. They believe anything on Fox News. I could lie and they’d still eat it up. I bet my numbers would be terrific.

The problem is, Donald Trump never actually said that. Check out this article from Gawker and checkout the article.

I say this to my friends all the time: There’s plenty of legitimate reasons for liking or disliking a candidate – but if you have to make shit up, you’re doing it wrong.


I will Accelerate in Austin next week!

On Feb 18th, in Austin TX, Accelerate LGBT will be holding an event in Austin that focuses on helping Non Profit and Businesses focused on diversity. It’s an amazing event and a joint venture that Google and Automattic work on together. Pretty cool, a?

Please read about the event here.


The Tragic Republican Voters of Iowa

Christians often forget about one of the central tenets of being a Christian: you shouldn’t be passing judgement on others. No matter what translation of the Bible you go with, passing judgement on others is wrong – and it’s a sin.

So if someone has a different opinion from you, that should be okay. If someone makes different life choices than you, that should also be okay. As humble human beings, we are not in the position to be spending time looking down on each other just because we are different.

According to a poll from the Public Policy Polling, the republican voters of Iowa are not following that tenet. You can see it here.

According to the people who are polled, less than half of the republicans polled believe Islam should be legal, where the other half believe Islam should be illegal.

Let me put it another way, people who claim to be “conservative,” i.e. small government, low regulation, heavy privatization believing Americans….want the Federal (or state) Government to deem certain religions legal and illegal. *blink*

What a tragedy. Not only is this bias un-American, this level of judgement goes against a central Christian tenet. I hope the Republican Voters of Iowa learn to develop some compassion and respect. That’s what Jesus inspires me to do.


My Thoughts on the Benghazi Hearings

The Benghazi Hearings are so disgraceful. Americans sacrificed their lives, representing us, and this procedure is a total mockery. We needed to better investigate the 9/11 attacks. We needed to better investigate the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars, or at least the lead up to those events, but Benghazi is being scrutinized for political reasons (despite there being a large array of reports on it), when the people who lost their lives in that event deserved a lot more. The American People deserved a lot more.

You know what the truth is? If Hillary were a republican, my liberal and democratic friends would have been just as irrational and biased as my Republican/”Conservative” friends are. For reasons beyond my understanding, we feel threatened by the opinions of ideas of others, when we would be listening to each other. None of us are 100% right. None of us are 100% wrong, either.

As human beings, and as Americans, there are more things that unite us than divide us. Before I am a democrat or a republican, I am a child of god. Before I am a liberal or a conservative, I am a American. We need to grow up. We need to understand that our politicians, and our media, profit when they divide us and make us fight each other. In order for The United States of America to evolve, we need to take the high road.

4 Americans Died in the Benghazi attacks.
As of today an estimated 4,491 Americans died in the Iraq War
As of today an estimated 2,326 Americans died in the Afghanistan War.

Every loss of life is tragic.

So far we have spent an estimated 20 million on the investigations and hearings of Benghazi.

According to Senators on both sides of the aisle, the Benghazi Hearings have had more money and attention than either The Iraq War or The Afghanistan War. I think we can do better.

Joe Scarborough needs a new…something…

I made the mistake of watching the news today, and was watching some of MSNBC’s Morning Joe show. I noticed Joe Scarborough was wearing a pink shirt, and I just couldn’t pay attention to the news cast. I kept thinking to myself “he looks orange with that Floridian tan and that light blue background. Holy wow.” 

You can see for yourself here. 

(I know, shallow) 

Why you Nerds be Haten?

I wanted to get something off my chest for a while, and now it is time.

Dear Nerds, my brothers and sisters, why are so many of you judgmental assholes?

Let me take a step back. I love to share information with people on facebook on twitter. I find something I love, and I post about it. I love music. I love Star Wars. I love working out. I love my San Francisco Giants. I love humor. I love a lot of things. I find that I am a much happier person when I spend more time celebrating life rather than criticizing it. There is a time and a place to be critical, especially when it comes to my self improvement, but for the most part I don’t relish in negativity (or the negativity of others).

So many people use social network platforms, and other methods of communication, to spread their negativity  and to put each other down. I sometimes see  negative conversations manifesting when people try to have political discussions, or deeply personal conversations about ethics, religion, and morality. I can understand why these conversations become so negative, because they are so deeply personal, but surprisingly I see it more when one of my fellow nerds try to rip on something someone else loves. I see it with my fellow nerds more often than any other group I follow on Twitter and Facebook.

The criticism normally comes as a statement that suggests it is a statement of fact. A good example would be:
“I think people who like Baseball are idiots.” or
“People who enjoy Power Rangers need to grow up,” or
“I don’t understand why people even pay attention to Star Wars anymore,” or
“People who LARP are losers.”

Or just people who who make open comments about art and artistic things like:
“I hated that movie, it sucked.” (Where’s your movie?)
“That TV show was the worst thing I ever saw” (where is your Television show?)
“That was the worst album I ever heard” (where is your record deal?)

I see those type of comments and feel sorry for the person who says it. Why? Because I know that person is actually hurting inside and is a very insecure person.

When I was much younger, and I had a head of hair, I was insecure about the fact that I wasn’t very “cool,” and didn’t believe that I had very much talent, or was good at anything. My main obsession was music, and I would spend about 50% of my income on buying CDs (that’s right kids, people actually paid for their music!). Whenever I had free time, I would listen to music, and just day dream. I had a passion for music, it was MY THING!

Whenever I listened to other people talk about music, it often triggered a mental response in the back of my mind where I thought “But wait, I LOVE music! I spend all my time understanding and finding new music! This is MY THING! Not yours! Mine! What do you know?!,” and I would spend time defending my space by critiquing other people’s tastes, as if the topic was my territory and no one else. I was insecure about myself. I had no confidence, and I sought to put other people down because it was the quickest way to make myself feel better.

Did it make me better as a person? Nope. Did it make my friends  feel better when I made fun of them for loving something? Nope. It was a lose-lose situation. I simply choose to hurt my friends feelings in order to feel better about myself, because I was weak. Did it work? Oh sure, for like five minutes, then I would have some awful fallout with a friend and lose an opportunity to have a good relationship with someone.

When it comes to art, sports, and media, it is all very subjective. People like what they like. If my best friend wants to love football, how does that honestly impact my love of music? It doesn’t. What my friends love and like doesn’t have any impact on what I love or like; other than the possibility that I may like or love once they talk about it, and if I don’t, then who cares?

It’s totally fine to dislike something, or even say something like: “Meh, I didn’t like that song too much,” or “You know, football really isn’t my thing,” but if you don’t like something – then move on. Why spend the extra energy putting someone down for liking it in the first place? Isn’t it better to know someone, like someone, or love someone who has passion for life rather than someone who doesn’t give a damn about anything? Why spend the extra time to hate something? If you didn’t like something in the first place, why spend any more energy on it?

My nerds, you need to stop spending so much time ripping other people down for what they love. You should be spending more time loving yourself, and work towards improving yourself so that little voice inside your head that says “It’s time to strike and be critical” becomes a afterthought. It is harder, believe me, to criticize yourself and accept your short comings (and try to over come them)…but in the long run, you will like yourself better for it. You may even discover that the world is a much brighter and better place when you don’t fill it with your black clouds.