Roger Simon from Politico retires

Wow….I didn’t know Roger Simon was retiring! That makes me sad, but glad he gets to relax and enjoy life.

He was an awesome columnist to read. His ‘simon says‘ series on was one of my favorites. I recommend going back and reading some of his 2016 campaign pieces. I suspect Mr. Simon will be signing the “I told you so” song within the next few months.

Here is his retirement article: ‘A Majority of One Walks Away.

Roger Simon was also pretty amazing on TV. Here is Roger Simon on CNN talking about the government shutdown a few years ago:

Intelligence Report on Russian Hacking

I see people sharing their opinions on the Russian Hacking events, but they haven’t read the intelligence report yet. Did you know it’s online? You can take responsibility for yourself and actually read it here.Β It’s an interesting read.

Donald Trump didn’t seem to take away from it the way a decent human being should, and he had more information. It’s pretty stunning to me that we just electing someone who is prepared to sell out our own intelligence community (and prob our military soon enough) in order to side with our greatest rival. Stunning.

I feel like I am living in an alternative universe.

PDF Version of the Russia Hack Report

Video of Congressional Testimony

Dear Colorado Guy on NBC News

I saw this nice gentlemen interviewed on NBC News and he said a bunch of insane stuff. He was also wearing a George W. Bush pin. We all say crazy stuff. That happens, we’re all a little crazy, right? πŸ™‚ I just wanted to list some things out though, based on shit he said:

1. You can “rip up” emails, they’re digital.
2. George W. Bush’s administration deleted over 60x the amount of emails, and destroyed (well..tried) memos sent to foreign leaders.
3. People in the Bush Admin actually went to jail over fraud, Hillary not so much (at least…yet).
4. There’s actual evidence of war criminality over the ramp up to the Iraq War, but there hasn’t been any congressional oversight about it. According to the latest numbers, which aren’t fully reported yet, we’ve lost over 3,800 brave men and women from our military. 100s of thousands of innocent life has been lost as well.
5. 4 brave individuals lost their lives in the Benghazi attack. Four is less than hundreds of thousands. Additionally the Iraq War had zero investigational hearings from Congress and Benghazi had 8 or 9, depending on your definition of a investigation.
6. Under the Bush Administration, there were over 13 attacks on state department offices/buildings, that lead to 60 deaths.
7. Every human life is precious. The people of the United States deserve to know the truth about how we end up in foreign conflicts, and why people have sacrificed their lives, but we have a tendency of over politicizing everything. The result is, people’s lives are sacrificed in vain. The true victims are the families of those who lost loved ones, while politicians shout over each other.

FYI I love this VOX video on Benghazi:

IN CONCLUSION…. πŸ˜› Emotions lie to us. If you like Trump, that’s fine! If you like Hillary, that’s also fine! Just remember that numbers don’t lie. Facts are facts. What if I told you, if we used our ‘feelings’ a little less, and stuck with the facts….we would make better choices, especially in foreign policy. Maybe less of our fellow country men and women would die in vain.

Also take responsibility for your life choices. If you voted for Bush twice, I’d rather you not bitch about Benghazi. You should take a step back and reflect on HOW you make your choices. Being a hypocrite won’t do you any favors.

What the Hell was that?

I was totally wrong about my prediction that last nights presidential debate being ‘tame.’ I assumed Donald would be subtle and allow things to fly by. He didn’t. He is such a egotistical bully that he couldn’t allow any statement to fly by. According to most fact checking sites, Trump basically did nothing but lie during the whole debate. Classic.

I couldn’t believe how the birther thing came up. The Birther thing is clearly racist. I used to be enjoy Donald Trump’s show The Apprentice, and watched most of the spin offs. When Trump came out and basically suggested that, since Obama is black he must not be born in the US, I couldn’t stand him anymore.

This is why I don’t understand how people could vote for him, unless you’re also racist (which most of his supporters are, according to polls). I do my best to refrain from judging folks for their political views. At the end of the day, we are all human and we want to live happy/healthy lives, but Trump is clearly not making the world a better place by spreading his racist/sexist/ignorant message.

I just don’t get it.

Conservatives are pretty screwed this election. I know Hillary is a tough pill to swallow, and Gary Johnston doesn’t know anything about American History, so who is left? No one.

There’s always next election, right? πŸ™‚


Prediction on the debates tonight

I predict that tonights debate will be very tame. I think Hillary will over prepare and Trump will try and be relaxed. Not a single fact will come out of Donald Trump’s lips, and Hillary will be called a liar (despite being more accurate than Trump).

Basically tonight will disappoint many. I know my friends who support Trump are hoping he is going to “stick it to Hillary,” but I think he will be relaxed and avoid a direct attack from her.

We will see?

What do you think is going to happen?

Also… there a point to playing a drinking game with the debate? Just drink when you want (which will likely be often).


Thomas Friedman on a new Grand Old Party

I saw this op-ed by Thomas Friedman via the New York times on the need for a new second party. You can read it here.

What a weird era of politics. I feel like I have been saying everything Friedman says in this article since 2004. Sad that it took the nomination of Donald Trump for this to happen.