Flower Boy by Tyler the Creator

I strongly recommend listening to ‘Flower Boy’ by Tyler the Creator.

It is my favorite album of work he’s done thus far, and that’s including some of the Odd Future albums. This album has been on repeat for the past week.

‘Who Dat Boy’ is one of the weirder songs on the album, and the video for it is very strange….



I just discovered this album on Spotify and I am loving it thus far. Good mix of alternative-folk/hip hop/ and modern R&B . Check it out!

RIP Chris Cornell

Wow, I can’t believe Chris Cornell is gone! Soundgarden was one of my favorite bands when I was in middle school/junior high. I bought three copies of ‘superunknown,’ which is still one of my favorite albums of all time.

Here is the last time Spoonman was performed live, the night Chris passed away:

New Royal Blood Song – Lights Out

I love ‘Royal Blood.’ They are one of my favorite rock bands. I have been waiting for new music since their first album, and this song does not disappoint:

If you haven’t listened to the first Royal Blood album, and you like rock/alternative music, you should listen:

Zomg New Gorillaz Album!

I cannot wait for the new album!

I love how the animation is getting an update, according to the single page they’ve posted on the web site. Hopefully Damon Albarn will tour with the new album and I will get to see him again (I’ve seen Gorillaz three times, but I’ve never seen Blur. 🙁 ).

Videos below!

Pet Shop Boys – Super

I was reading this NME article about Pet Shop Boys getting the ‘Godlike Genius’ award, and I realized I never bothered listening to their album ‘Super.’ I watched this youtube clip and loved it:


I ran to the album earlier today. It is pretty good if you like dance-y 80s-ish stuff.