Support #ForceForDaniel

The Story of Daniel Fleetwood and his desire to see ‘The Force Awakens’  before his demise is very touching. If you haven’t heard of this story, you can read the CNN article about it here.

I can’t imagine why Disney wouldn’t grant this mans request. I really hope they do. Mark Hamill retweeted the following tweet, which suggests he’s in support of it:

If Luke Skywalker supports something, you support it.

FYI, Daniel Fleetwood’s family has a GoFundMe campaign you can donate money too. I totally recommend doing that. You can view it here.

One of my favorite movies of all time is a movie called ‘Fanboys.’ If you are a star wars fan, but haven’t seen it, you totally should. You can read about it here. The story of the movie is similar, and I cried my eyes out for a good hour after I saw the movie. The story of #ForceForDaniel is very sad, and I am praying for the family. I can’t imagine how hard this is for them.


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