The Tragic Republican Voters of Iowa

Christians often forget about one of the central tenets of being a Christian: you shouldn’t be passing judgement on others. No matter what translation of the Bible you go with, passing judgement on others is wrong – and it’s a sin.

So if someone has a different opinion from you, that should be okay. If someone makes different life choices than you, that should also be okay. As humble human beings, we are not in the position to be spending time looking down on each other just because we are different.

According to a poll from the Public Policy Polling, the republican voters of Iowa are not following that tenet. You can see it here.

According to the people who are polled, less than half of the republicans polled believe Islam should be legal, where the other half believe Islam should be illegal.

Let me put it another way, people who claim to be “conservative,” i.e. small government, low regulation, heavy privatization believing Americans….want the Federal (or state) Government to deem certain religions legal and illegal. *blink*

What a tragedy. Not only is this bias un-American, this level of judgement goes against a central Christian tenet. I hope the Republican Voters of Iowa learn to develop some compassion and respect. That’s what Jesus inspires me to do.


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