My Thoughts on the Benghazi Hearings

The Benghazi Hearings are so disgraceful. Americans sacrificed their lives, representing us, and this procedure is a total mockery. We needed to better investigate the 9/11 attacks. We needed to better investigate the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars, or at least the lead up to those events, but Benghazi is being scrutinized for political reasons (despite there being a large array of reports on it), when the people who lost their lives in that event deserved a lot more. The American People deserved a lot more.

You know what the truth is? If Hillary were a republican, my liberal and democratic friends would have been just as irrational and biased as my Republican/”Conservative” friends are. For reasons beyond my understanding, we feel threatened by the opinions of ideas of others, when we would be listening to each other. None of us are 100% right. None of us are 100% wrong, either.

As human beings, and as Americans, there are more things that unite us than divide us. Before I am a democrat or a republican, I am a child of god. Before I am a liberal or a conservative, I am a American. We need to grow up. We need to understand that our politicians, and our media, profit when they divide us and make us fight each other. In order for The United States of America to evolve, we need to take the high road.

4 Americans Died in the Benghazi attacks.
As of today an estimated 4,491 Americans died in the Iraq War
As of today an estimated 2,326 Americans died in the Afghanistan War.

Every loss of life is tragic.

So far we have spent an estimated 20 million on the investigations and hearings of Benghazi.

According to Senators on both sides of the aisle, the Benghazi Hearings have had more money and attention than either The Iraq War or The Afghanistan War. I think we can do better.

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