So yeah…cancer

I have been struggling with a way to discuss the recent events regarding my health, and I haven’t come up with an easy way to talk about it directly. 

A couple years ago I had a health scare in which I thought I had cancer. Thankfully I did not, but thought to myself “If I did have cancer, I would have been really disappointed with my bucket list.” I made a lot of changes, including traveling more and living in a more positive way.

Fast forward to the past couple months. It was recently discovered that I had brain cancer, but it isn’t as serious as it sounds. Everything is going to be fine since things were discovered early. I am going to have some very not-fun treatments, but it will be fine.

When my doctor gave me the news, I thought “I have done a lot of shit in the past year and a half, no big deal now.” So with the news , my only reaction was asking “What’s next,” like President Bartlet does in The West Wing. What a difference a short amount of time makes.

More life changes will come, but I am feel very happy and lucky to have the life I have. I recently had a role change where I help guide a team of talented folks in Automattic, and with that new responsibility I have the amazing opportunity to do what I do well, and help my team kick a lot of ass. Life is not going to slow down for me, anytime soon. 

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  1. Sweet Jebus Chris! I’m glad you shared this. We’re all supporting you here!! You will get through it and have SO MUCH TO BLOG ABOUT!!

  2. Wow. Wow! I’m not ready to be lighthearted about this yet, but please know (since you already do) that we’re all here for you. Hugs and love and light and stuff.

  3. Chris, your outlook on the present + future just shows what a warrior you truly are. You are an inspiring guy that I am proud to call my teammate and friend! While it truly sucks that you have to go through an obstacle like this, please know that you’ve got a huge team of folks near and far cheering you on -and- are here for anything you need throughout the ride. Sending you a big hug!

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