Mercury Award Nominations Upcoming

The Barclaycard Mercury Awards are the only music awards I really care about, and I’m very excited to see the list of ‘possible’ nominations according to

My personal favorites:

Jungle – By Jungle

Solid smooth electronic music. Some trip hop elements that are pretty fun.


Wild Beats – Present Tense

Really great album, though their previous album ‘Smother’ is one of my all time favorite albums, but this is still a really good album.


Royal Blood – Royal Blood

Holy cow, a Rock album that just rocks. This album has become a great album to work out to, and it reminds me of Muse mixed with Rage Against The Machine with a slight Jack White vibe.


East India Youth – Total Strife Forever

Really interesting classical-electronic style music. Not easy listening but if you are into more ambient style music, you may like this one.


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