Day 2 at Austin City Limits Music Festival

By the second day of ACL I was in heaven. The weather would cool down in the middle of the day, I was feeling amazing after seeing my favorite band, and looking forward to seeing even more. I feel like I saw everyone on Saturday but I was only able to catch a small portion of it. I saw Bobby Jealousy, Max Frost, Reignwolf, HAIM, Lissie, Grimes, Passion Pit, Kendrick Lamar, and The Cure.

Bobby Jealousy was a Austin local band but they really rocked out the morning. Max Frost was more of a funk/alternative type band, also from Austin. I was pretty happy that I got to see some local bands.

Lissie was really really good! I have heard her music before but had no idea how amazing she was live. She gets compared as a singer/song writer like a 90s female song writer, but I think she has a lot more diversity than just doing girl-folk music. She did an amazing cover of a hip hop song to finish her set.

HAIM was really good, though I would have prefered seeing them in a smaller venue. Grimes was really boring, which was surprising.

The Cure was legendary. I am not the biggest Cure fan, but seeing The Cure felt like seeing a legend, though not quite Stevie Wonder legendary.

More pictures below…..

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