Austin City Limits Music Festival 2013 Day 1

Austin City Limits Music Festival 2013 was the best festival I have ever been too. It is my 4th time going to ACLFest, 3rd time doing a 3 day weekend. The amazing band list was overwhelming, and I didn’t get to see everyone I wanted to see, but I still saw some amazing music.

Day 1 was “Muse” day when I got out of bed in the morning. Muse has been my favorite band for years, and they have been my favorite ACLFest show since I last saw Muse in 2010. That quickly changed when I saw Latasha Lee & The Blackties as my first band. I always forget how amazing all of the music at the festival is, and looking forward to a show at the end of the day isn’t the way to go. Latasha Lee was amazing. After Latasha Lee I saw Widowspeak, and they were pretty cool. They sounded like a indie-er version of Mazzy Star.

I ended up seeing Fun. , which wasn’t the plan, but I kept hearing that they put on a good show, and they were amazing.

After Fun. , I went through a huge mass of sweaty people and traveled to the other side of Zilker to see Arctic Monkeys and Muse. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Arctic Monkeys, and I really wanted their show to make me fall in love with their music. Their sound was a lot different than what I was expecting, but people had said they had matured over the past couple albums. I am not totally “in love” after their show, but I am wanting to listen to their music more.

The Muse show was awesome, though a little disappointing. They blew the power out on their stage a couple points, forcing them to cut a bunch of music out of their setlist. They played the songs I really wanted to hear from their new album “2nd Law,” specifically ‘Follow Me, Liquid State,’ and ‘Madness.’ I wanted to hear ‘Animals’ as well, but didn’t get to hear it. Oh well! It was a good Muse show anyway!

Muse eventually finished off with Knights….classic Muse.

I had a great time and an amazing first day! I spent a lot of time sitting in the back center of every stage, hanging out on top of my blanket and drinking a lot of great beer. After the first day, I’m not feeling that sore or tired. Just energized and looking forward to the rest of the weekend.

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