I will be running a table top game, like, a real one

So I have all this extra spare time now! So awesome.

My creative juices are flowing again and I’ve started to write “for the hell of it” again. I haven’t produced this much content, for fun, in a very long time. For the past year I have been focusing on playing or running one shot games. For those of you not familiar with table top games, a one shot game is basically a game that only happens once. They are easy to put together and run, mostly due to the lack of commitment. With game that is a on going series, I tend to put a lot more thought into the long term, rather than focus on a single game session. It has been fun, and interesting to¬†experiment¬†with different genres and styles. It was great while I had limited time, but now I am ready for more!

So the game I have my heart set on, after much soul searching, is going to be Mage: The Ascension. It was my last extended game that I ran, though it wasn’t the most successful game, but it’s my favorite game and the one that invites the most creativity from me (and hopefully for those people who want to play).

I am super excited! I will have more posts on this topic later.

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