The Impossible Has Happened – Damon and Noel play together

Holy Wowness!! Check this Article out:

In the mid 1990s I was a HUGE Brit-pop/Brit-Music fan. I loved everything from Kula Shaker, Mansun, The Verve, Primal Scream, SuperGrass, Pulp….I could keep going.

Oasis and Blur were my gateway into the genre of music. I remember sitting in the car with my Grandmother on the way to a swim meet hearing Oasis’s “Live Forever,” and it became an anthem for that whole year.

Then I heard Blur’s ‘The Great Escape‘ and my mind was blown. I still go back to the album every now and then and listen to the whole thing. Then Oasis released ‘What’s The Story (Morning Glory)’ and I basically had a Oasis/Blur addiction until I learned more about the UK music that was happening at the time.

(Oh and Damon Albarn was my high school crush).

During this time, Blur and Oasis were in some sort of media feud. Since they were the biggest bands, the media felt the need to pit them against each other. I’m sure members of the band said stuff about each other in the press, but I’m not 100% on that.

Still, it blows my mind to see Noel and Damon playing together. That is too cool.

Damon Albarn and Noel Gallagher Together

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