Jack White retiring from live music?

Jack White says he is retiring from live music? I saw him three times, once with the White Stripes, and twice during his solo tour. They were some of the worst live shows I have ever seen. I personally think he’s a great recording artist but I think he’s a terrible live performer. I’m not sad about this at all. Just my personal opinion though.

I read this blog from NME.com about how sad it is that he isn’t going to perform live for a while. Obviously I do not agree with it, but I found it interesting anyway. You can read about it here.

Phoenix, Arizona – Who Knew?

Chris Lauzon:

It was pretty cool!

Originally posted on grace:

I was in Phoenix, Arizona for the past couple days for the Press Publish event. We had one recently in Portland where I wasn’t able to take as many photos, so I made a conscious effort to take more in Phoenix. To be honest, I didn’t expect much from Phoenix, but wow, it was beautiful. We were at the most-Phoenixy hotel, The Clarendon Hotel, and it was pretty awesome. The photo above is from the rooftop. That’s Phoenix. The southwestern, hipsterish vibe was perfect for a hipster-hating hipstery LA girl like me.

The event was tiring, but so worth it – just like Portland. I wish I had more time to explore the city because most of what I saw was Airport > Hotel, Hotel > Venue, Hotel > Airport. This time around I was able to talk to the speakers more, which got me super motivated. As an…

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Just a test post of Words

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Social Media Icons Widget

Chris Lauzon:

Coolest widget ever.

Originally posted on WordPress.com News:

Now available in a widget dashboard near you, we present the Social Media Icons Widget! No longer do you have to fiddle around with complicated HTML code to add beautiful social media icons to your blog or website.

With this new widget, you can add icons for the most popular social networks in no time. The icons are linked to your social media profiles, making it easy for your readers to follow your latest status updates.

The Old Way


The New Way


Currently, we support adding social media icons for the most popular social networks, including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • GitHub
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo

If you want to add an icon for a different service, you can do so with a bit of HTML.

After you save your widget, check out your blog to see how the snazzy new icons look. Then grab yourself a cup of tea, and watch your follower…

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When Bots go Bad: Automated DMCA Takedown Problems

Chris Lauzon:

Good stuff, brought to you by Automattic!

Originally posted on Transparency Report:

In the past, we’ve not been shy about highlighting a number of the issues that exist with the DMCA, and recently fought back against its abuse in court. However, it remains true that tackling repeated instances of copyright infringement online can be repetitive work, and it’s no surprise that some people opt to outsource this task to third parties who have an army of specially programmed bots at their command.

These kind of automated systems scour the web, firing off takedown notifications where unauthorized uses of material are found – so humans don’t have to. Sounds great in theory, but it doesn’t always work out as smoothly in practice. Much akin to some nightmare scenario from the Terminator, sometimes the bots turn on their creators.

Be Afraid Be afraid

We saw this happen fairly recently on WordPress.com, in an it-would-be-funny-if-it-wasn’t-so-serious kind of scenario. Attributor.com sent in a formally valid takedown notification on…

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Jetpack 3.4: Protect, Secure, and Simplify

Chris Lauzon:

New Jetpack update! Update all the things!

Originally posted on Jetpack for WordPress:

With Jetpack 3.4, we’ve added new security features to protect your Jetpack-connected WordPress sites from bot net attacks. We’ve also taken some first steps to create a simplified interface for how you interact with Jetpack.

Your WordPress, Secured.

Brute force attacks are a growing concern for many website administrators. By integrating features from the WordPress plugin BruteProtect, along with other new tools, Jetpack Protect can help you take control of site security. Not only is your login protected from this common attack vector, but you can now scan your site for malicious code in Jetpack.


A Centralized Experience

Continuing Jetpack’s mission to bring feature parity between self-hosted WordPress sites and WordPress.com, you can manage security features from either your site’s dashboard or a central interface on WordPress.com. Locked out of your site from too many failed login attempts? You can whitelist your IP address in WordPress.com.


Jump Start

With the click of a button…

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These Are the Best Coffee Shops in America

Chris Lauzon:

I wonder how they made this list in the first place.

Originally posted on TIME:

Beyond the coffee, there are many things that make a great college coffee house: outlet accessibility, the quality of the live events, the friendliness of the folks who work there (and their taste in music), and the quality of the seating, to name a few. Some, like the campus favorites on this list, have added perks: a killer vegan breakfast burrito, a cup of coffee for $1, or a hot chai latte made with Aztec chocolate bitters. Read on.

Atticus in New Haven, Connecticut

Located on bustling Church Street near Yale, Atticus is distinguished by its sparse aesthetic and well-curated companion bookstore. Travelers will want to pick up their own copy of the Atticus Guide to New Haven, complete with a map documenting nearby sites of note. Other high points: the black bean soup, the cranberry pecan French toast, and a fine cup of coffee to-go for $1.

Plein Air…

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