#LoveWins! LGBTQ Bloggers Make Their Voices Heard

Chris Lauzon:

My boo Hugo wrote a great piece on the WordPress.com blog.

Originally posted on WordPress.com News:

You might have noticed the rainbow banner across the top of WordPress.com over the weekend — our way of marking Pride month, celebrated by cities across the globe in June, as well as the US Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing same-sex marriage across all states. (The United States now joins 20 other countries, including my own, Portugal, in fully recognizing same-sex marriage nationwide.)

Here at WordPress.com we strive to democratize publishing and empower freedom of speech. It’s amazing to see the thoughtful analyses of the Supreme Court’s decision already being published, like this excellent piece from Tropics of Meta putting the decision into long-term historical context. We’re also proud to provide a platform for all the incredibly talented LGBTQ writers who are advocating for change…

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Slides from my WordCamp Philly Presentation – How to Support Yourself

WordCamp Philly 2015 just wrapped up, and I was given the honor of being a presenter. Huge thanks to all of the folks who came by my presentation and watched.

I did a presentation on “How to Support Yourself.” I assume my presentation will be on WordPress.tv, and when that happens, I will post it here.

In the meantime, I have a PDF version of my slides here.

Jack White retiring from live music?

Jack White says he is retiring from live music? I saw him three times, once with the White Stripes, and twice during his solo tour. They were some of the worst live shows I have ever seen. I personally think he’s a great recording artist but I think he’s a terrible live performer. I’m not sad about this at all. Just my personal opinion though.

I read this blog from NME.com about how sad it is that he isn’t going to perform live for a while. Obviously I do not agree with it, but I found it interesting anyway. You can read about it here.

Phoenix, Arizona – Who Knew?

Chris Lauzon:

It was pretty cool!

Originally posted on grace:

I was in Phoenix, Arizona for the past couple days for the Press Publish event. We had one recently in Portland where I wasn’t able to take as many photos, so I made a conscious effort to take more in Phoenix. To be honest, I didn’t expect much from Phoenix, but wow, it was beautiful. We were at the most-Phoenixy hotel, The Clarendon Hotel, and it was pretty awesome. The photo above is from the rooftop. That’s Phoenix. The southwestern, hipsterish vibe was perfect for a hipster-hating hipstery LA girl like me.

The event was tiring, but so worth it – just like Portland. I wish I had more time to explore the city because most of what I saw was Airport > Hotel, Hotel > Venue, Hotel > Airport. This time around I was able to talk to the speakers more, which got me super motivated. As an…

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